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The Challenge

Reliable and safe data deletion of all data carriers while complying with the requirements pursuant to the BSI Grundschutzhandbuch M2.167 or DoD 5220.22-M is a key element when returning used IT products. What happens with your data media during the entire return process? Who has access to what and when, e.g. during transport? How can human error be avoided? What is the process for defective devices or defective data media and how can seamless and flawless documentation be ensured at any time?

Starting with the removal from the current location to resale or recycling, only a seamless, transparent process, adapted to the specific security requirements can guarantee comprehensive data security for all data media: whether functional or defective – from PC to copy and fax machines up to smartphones.

It is important to think of the details.

The Solution

Our modular service concept provides maximum security along with efficient and standardised implementation.

The continuous qualification of our employees and a system-based process minimize the possibility of manual deviations or human errors and ensure maximum transparency. Which enables us to track the whereabouts of the data carriers up to serial number basis of the hard disks – particularly for defective devices and defective data carriers.

From secure transport using special vehicles or means of transport, to cataloguing and deletion of devices at the current location, up to direct deliveries from the current location to our secure storage area – we are continuously developing our solutions so that our customers’ data remain in safe hands.

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