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As part of a new investment or consolidation, as a leasing or service company, or even as a manufacturer – the use of new devices always also involves the return of used devices and these devices generally still have value. We buy your obsolete devices and you expand your IT budget.

Do you have used IT systems, as you have just invested in the latest technology? Have customers returned devices to you – used or even just opened once? Would you like to quickly and efficiently sell excess stock, remaining stock or products from cancelled orders? The best possible marketing of these products, while simultaneously conserving your internal resources, ensures a maximum capital return and a very good opportunity to release additional funds for your investments and projects.

Our extensive experience, our international sales network and our individual product specialists ensure that we achieve the optimum market value for any kind of your IT products. At the same time, EURATECH guarantees constant security and transparency across the board.

Integrated, certified data deletion of all data media, seamless documentation based on serial numbers and certified processes give you the security that you can expect.

Independent of the type of products you are selling (PCs, notebooks, monitors, printers, server and storage units, mainframe systems, etc.), why not test us; we would be happy to impress you with our services and high process and quality standards. Besides complete devices, we would also be pleased to submit a quote for parts and components.

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Gabriele Hofer

Head of Purchasing

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Andreas Straub

Head of Project Purchasing, Logistics

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