Obsolete IT products, leasing returns or returned products – most of these devices still have a certain value. EURATECH with its international sales network and product specialists assist you with the optimal marketing of your used IT devices, from PCs to mainframe units.

We provide three options to ensure that you receive a maximum return:

  • We sell the products on your behalf for a defined commission
  • We sell your products on a commission basis with a pre-agreed profit share
  • We buy your IT devices for a fixed price and take the complete marketing risk

No matter which option you choose, all sales-related tasks including customer service, transport and warranty processing will be handled by us, as part of our remarketing offerings. Detailed test and audit reports providing all technical details and prices of the equipment (to be) sold are the basis of our billing. This gives you an overview of the composition of revenues for each unit and you have absolute security right to the end of the process.

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