Destruction of Data Media

Data media often have to be physically destroyed. Our mobile shredder allows data media to be destroyed on-site and satisfies all of the requirements of the new DIN standard 66399 in line with the maximum protection class 3, security level 5, particle size H-5. This allows storage devices with data media, with confidential information of existential importance for a company, to be permanently destroyed.

Our lorry travels to your location and shreds the data media on your company premises, under the supervision of a notary or a data protection officer if desired. Following the successful destruction, you receive a destruction certificate, including a list of the individual serial numbers of the data media. Upon request, we can also provide video documentation of the destruction of the data media.

  • Shredding of hard drives, magnetic tapes up to 3.5", CDs/DVDs, Blu-Rays, disks, customer and credit cards and USB sticks
  • Type of shredding: Particles
  • Shredding width: 11.5 mm
  • Particle length: 26 mm
  • New security level (DIN 66399) 3 / T-3 / E-2 / H-5

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