Roll-Out & Roll-Back Management

As part of our roll-back solutions, we take over the entire return of your IT landscape, from PCs to comprehensive storage solutions. We handle the proper removal at the current location, the secure transport as well as data deletion and all activities associated with the return of your devices to be replaced.

In addition, we offer our roll-out management solution. EURATECH prepare your new equipment for use in your offices, including transport to each workplace and setup on-site. We check the delivered new systems, assemble these for the respective areas of application according to the roll-out plan, install your individual software and hardware package, take care of the logistics and install and commission the devices on-site. And at the same time the devices to be returned are removed and immediately processed via our roll-back process which avoids unnecessary storing of used devices, including undeleted data carriers and information they contain.

The significant reduction in coordination efforts between different service providers and the protection of internal resources, our integrated concept of roll-out and roll-back solutions also guarantees fast, secure and efficient processing outside of standard working hours, all from one single source. With EURATECH you have a reliable partner who is always there when needed.

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